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Hair Loss
Posted by: Mary
Date: November 2, 2000 6:33 PM

I was diagnosed with Candida last October, and have been on daily doses of Lamisil and Nystatin until just recently. Prior to my diagnosis, I had battled with chronic fatigue, recurring bronchitits and sinusitis, and a rash/itching that would not go away. Finally, the rash is gone and I have so much more energy than I used to. I have not had a bout of bronchitis for one year now, which is a major milestone. I also am on Armour Thyroid to help with my thyroid problems. I have worked hard to change my diet, and I am pretty consistent about avoiding most sugars. I am eating some carbohydrates (I am quite thin and initially lost 10 pounds because I cut out all carbs. I can't afford to lose more weight.) My chief complaint, even before I was diagnosed, was hair loss. I have lost so much of my hair, and what is left is very thin and baby fine. I used to have thick, beautiful hair. It looks absolutely terrible, and I fear that I will lose all of it before this is over. I am at a point now where I am frightened about what is happening to me. I seriously wonder if this problem is caused by the Candida and not necessarily from the thyroid problem? I don't see it mentioned in much of the literature I've read about Candida. Does Candida cause hair loss? If so, what is the mechanism? What can I do to alleviate this problem? Will my hair grow back or are the follicles permanently damaged?

RE: Hair Loss
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: November 3, 2000 6:43 PM

Hair loss is the tip of the iceberg of hypometabolism. Slowed metabolism will cause hair loss in genetically susceptible individuals (along with a variety of other symptoms). If you were destined to loose your hair in old age, slowed metabolism will make it happen sooner. "Candida" is also close to the top of this iceberg. At the bottom of the iceberg is whatever is causing slowed metabolism. There are various possible causes which include metal toxicity, chronic gut wall infection, collapse of one of the hormone systems. The good news about this type of hair loss is that it is usually reversible when the real problem is rooted out and adequately treated. Unfortunately, if you take this information to your mainstream doc, you will just get a blank stare. Here is an article to read:

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