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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
Welcome to Ask Dr. Kennedy. We encourage you to post your comments and questions here. We look forward to challenging questions as they are an education for us as well as for you. Please consider the following guidelines when posting:

Ask Dr. Kennedy is an educational service. Any medical advice on which you act should come directly from your personal physician.
Mention of any commercial products for sale will be removed.
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Subject Post ID  Started By  Last Post 
 adrenals and mercury toxicity 4041  Scott  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Mortality by Age Atrial Fibrillation Patients 4033  Dale  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 need some help (possible mercury toxicity) 4032  Tony  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Use of DMSO for foot swelling & discomfort 4031  Mike  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism 4029  Deirdre  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 Swelling and Inflammation 4027  Jonathan  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Need Direction 4018  KAP  by KAP
 Silicone breast implants 4016  Leanne  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Multi-faceted Problem 4011  Peter  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 metastasized breast cancer 4009  Daniel  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 Depuytren's Disease and Contracture 4005  JoAnn  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 Severe hair loss, Swollen eyelids/eyes in general, depression, digestive disorders, etc 3995  Jacquelyne  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 erectile dysfunction 3993  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 yeast syndrome 3991  Joe  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 yeast syndrome 3987  Julia  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 prostate meds 3985  Christopher  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 adrenals? 3980  Pam  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Rife Technology 3979  Kevin  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Vitamin E 3975  JR  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Chronic Yeast 3972  Shawn  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Thanks for the website & permission request 3971  Harry  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 need advice on pain problem 3969  Brent  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 late teen HGH for height 3967  Roberta  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Chronic Fatigue and Depression 3963  Lucy  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 Mitochondrial Enzymes 3961  Heidi  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 chelation 3959  Gloria  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 Vision floaters, numbness, loss concentration 3955  Anne  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 hair loss and freezing with chills 3949  June  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
 Yeast overgrowth, betaine HCL, and what's next? 3947  Chris  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
 Hypothryoid symptoms with a normal tsh 3945  Elizabeth  by Ron Kennedy, M.D.
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