How the Super-cheap Medical Marijuana Clinics Do It.

How the Super-cheap Medical Marijuana Clinics Do It.

Dr. Kennedy

Here is how the super-cheap medical marijuana clinics do it.

First they rent a run-down office, rent a great website, find an out of town failing doctor or physician’s assistant willing to travel and desperate for money and somehow these unnamed doctors are represented as “most trusted” bla bla bla. Now some of them even have non-professionals (such as massage therapists) writing the certificates (using doctors’ medical license numbers) which make those certificates simply invalid! This is outrageous.

At the link below you can look up doctors, and you will notice doctors from these fly-by-night clinics are from extreme Southern California, therefore may not be present when you need someone to vouch for you:

Then they advertise on bill-boards, fill their waiting rooms once or twice per week and take every possible short-cut. Finally, when the California Medical Board gets around to mounting an investigation they close the office, destroy all records, and disappear literally overnight. This leaves clients with no one to authenticate the certificates for the dispensaries.

Most California communities have been through this at least once. Here in Santa Rosa a clinic named “C.H.A.D.” went through this exact sequence. They also promise free legal protection which does nothing for you if you break the law and which you do not need if you stay within the law. This promise means nothing but is very attracting anyway if you believe it will be kept. Yesterday I got a call from a young attorney representing a group of people which is having legal problems and desperately needing their records from C.H.A.D. That is the same C.H.A.D which destroyed all records and disappeared overnight without a trace in the Spring of 2010 !!

You don’t have to use my services. There are other good doctors in Santa Rosa. However, I urge you to avoid these fly-by-night operations. I have been in Santa Rosa 26 years and planning on another 26. You will pay a legit doctor a few more cents per day for certification, but it is worth the peace of mind.

Ron Kennedy, M.D.

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