Homeopathy is Coming to the Fore

Homeopathy is Coming to the Fore

Dr. Carmen Baudi-Kennedy
Homeopathy was founded 200 years ago by the German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. “Homeopathic” is Greek and means: homeos = similar, while pathos stands for “disease.” Hahnemann discovered this alternative system of medicine which deals with the principle “Like Cures Like.” This means that a symptom can be treated by a substance that is able to cause the same symptoms similar to those experienced by the patient. Therefore the most important part of a homeopathic treatment is the detailed interview between homeopath and patient in order to determine all the symptoms which the patient is experiencing. The key for finding the right remedy is the discovery of the totality of all symptoms experienced by the patient. Homeopathathy does not treat diseases but rather the person who is sick. Regardless if the symptoms are chronic or acute, whether physical, mental or emotional or some complex combination. So the doctor must elicit from the patient all symptoms in minute detail as well as a complete description of everything that characterizes the person, especially feelings, sensitivity, psyche, and all that concerns his organism in terms of energy, sleep, appetite, digestion, etc. The homeopath then chooses which remedy to prescribe based on the best match between the patient’s symptoms and the known symptoms caused by the chosen remedy in a healthy body.

In distinction to herbal remedies that basically use tinctures of botanical substances, a homeopathic remedy is normally a strong diluted micro-dose taken from a plant, an animal, or a mineral, which is translated into a certain strength. Because of their highly diluted form, homeopathic remedies are truly safe to take. Depending on the acute state of illness a remedy can work in only a few minutes.

Once the homeopathic remedies are properly chosen, they can be purchased in low strength in health food stores, without prescription. Depending on the degree of pain or symptoms, the low strengths might not be strong enough and higher strength may have to be ordered online or purchuased in special homeopathic pharmacies.

In the U.S. costs of treatment for the first visit range between $150 and $250. Follow-up is generally $50 to $100 per visit.

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