General Measures to Prevent Illness

General Measures to Prevent Illness

by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

It is the beginning of 2009 and a good time to take stock of your health. Recently I have been jolted into awareness (by the condition of the economy) that the only thing standing between me and a profound financial crisis is my health.

Last year a dentist friend of mine walked into my office and told me that Oops, he had a stroke one week before. It left him blind to everything on the right side of his visual field and he has not recovered any of that loss to this date. This is a relatively young man who had become inattentive to risk factors. I invite you in for a visit to review your health maintenance program. I will make this both efficient and affordable. If you are not in tip-top shape, there is a cause for that and a cure. You can schedule an appointment by writing me at or by calling 707-591-4088.

Although your condition may require some specific intervention, here are some generic ways of preserving health:

Avoidance of  Electromagnetic  Fields (EMFs)  and Radiation

The term "radiation" in this context refers to all spectra of the electromagnetic field. This would include x-rays (most common location for exposure is in hospital radiology departments), gamma rays (most common in the upper atmosphere —  heavier exposure when flying at high altitude), and electromagnetic fields generated by everything from toasters to microwaves, electric blankets, and automobile engines. Obviously it is not possible to avoid all of these items, however there are some companies which manufacture diodes which are worn on the body and provide some protection. A positive step you can take is to get rid of all sources of EMFs which are not absolutely necessary. Probably you are not going to give up your car and ride a horse to work, but you can, for example, do without the microwave and the electric blanket.


The diet you practice must result in alkalinization, or any treatment program will fail. In general non-starchy vegetable matter leads to alkalinization and the consumption of animal products leads to acidification. Within this context salivary pH must be measured until the diet which fits for you is identified.


A proper exercise regime is not the same for all people. Age, physical condition, condition of the heart, general state of health, and other factors must all be taken into account. If there is any doubt about any of these areas, an exercise program should be worked out with the aid of sound medical advice. However, this is not a reason not to exercise. The benefits of exercise in the area of health,  longevity, vitality, and physiological changes cannot be obtained in any other way. Exercise accelerates detoxification, promotes lymph drainage, creates a mild chelating agent (lactate), boosts the immune system in measurable ways, and obviously increases stamina and strength.

Emotional  and  Spiritual  Life

People who need emotional work typically use denial to hide that fact from themselves, as in "I’m OK until I collapse and can’t move anymore." Therefore, progress in this area begins with an acknowledgment of need. Improvement of the emotional and spiritual life may require psychotherapy, consciousness training, meditation, religion, and perhaps even life changes. However, like exercise, nothing happens until you take action. When you complete this article, I suggest you click on "Basis of Spiritual Health," the mauve button in the upper right above, and follow that to its conclusion.

Avoidance  of  Chemical  Exposures

Thanks to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries there now exist thousands of molecular structures which do not occur in nature. Preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, and drugs, artificial fertilizers are a few of these. Many of these are known and proven to be toxic to humans and animals, and many more have not been sufficiently studied for toxicity. All of them are found in tap water. They all result in acid production when introduced into the body. While it is impossible to avoid all of these all of the time, there are steps one can take which will dramatically reduce exposure. Grow your own food or buy only organic. Drink only distilled water. Live by the ocean or get an air filter system. Choose orthomolecular therapy over pharmaceuticals.

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