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Questions and Answers with Dr. Kennedy, An Ongoing Course in Natural Medicine
A free on-going Question and Answer course has been arranged for our users in the form of weekly e-mailed Q. and A. with Dr. Kennedy.
Here is an example:

Q. I read your article about Yeast Syndrome. I have the symptoms and really it is no exaggeration to say that I have lost my life to this disease. What are the steps to recovery?

A. First the provoking causes have to be removed, namely mercury (and other heavy metal) overload, antibiotic dependency, prolonged stress, toxic diet and habits (coffee, cigarettes). That assures the problem will not recur after treatment, but it does not clear up the disorder by itself. The damage to that part of the immune system located in the gut does not clear until treatment with the SanPharma Protocol which retrains and restores the immune system's ability to eliminate the severe gut dysbiosis which is at the root of this problem. Any other approach, even the natural ones, only compensate for the problem, but do nothing to regenerate the immune system.

This  is  a  way  to  continue  your  education  in  medicine  without  information  overload.  If  you  are  interested,  please  sign  up  below.

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