Conditional Nutrients

Conditional Nutrients

Dr. KennedyThere are a handful of substances which are present in the body, which the enzymes systems of the body can synthesize,
which decline progressively with age. The effect of these declining levels is synonymous with the process we call "aging."
These items include: glucosamine, co-enzyme Q10, ferulic acid, glutathione, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, and lipoic acid.


This is the building block out of which cartilage is synthesized. A deficiency of glucosamine results in arthritis and conversely
supplementation with glucosamine has been shown to be superior to the conventionally prescribed "non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs" of NSAIDS, for example Ibuprofen. While the NSAIDS (some say this stands for "new sorts of
aspirin in disguise") have an immediate effect on symptoms, chronic use causes further deterioration of cartilage and kidney
damage. In fact, Tylenol, by itself, is estimated to cause 10% of all kidney failure in the U.S.

The onset of symptomatic relief from glucosamine happens after a few weeks of taking the stuff, so it is slower, but it is
repairing the problem at its origin, not simply covering a symptom. And while the newer NSAIDS cost a fortune,
glucosamine is quite affordable. Furthermore the NSAIDS effect wears off after a few days whereas the effect of
glucosamine keeps coming on stronger with continued use. N-acetyl-L-glucosamine is the active form and the ideal formula
contains both forms.

For more information, follow this hyperlink: glucosamine.

Co-enzyme Q10

Your peak level of co-Q10 was achieved when you were 2-1/2 years old. After that it has declined progressively. The
action of Q10 is to keep the heart strong, the immune system in top condition and the lining of the intestine in healthy
condition. It is such a powerful medicine that it is the treatment of choice for congestive heart failure in Japan and studies
show its superiority to all drugs used for this purpose. However the advertising blitz of the pharmaceutical industry in
Western countries has drowned out the evidence for co-Q10. Most doctors in the U.S. are unaware of it


Glutathione is one of the naturally occurring anti-oxidants in mammalian cells. As is the case with the other conditional
nutrients, it declines progressively with age. It is one of the clearest markers of aging. From the glutathione level it is possible
to tell a person’s age within one year. Glutathione levels can be increased by supplementing with its precursors: L-cysteine
and L-valine.

Ferulic Acid

Ferulic acid is a component of the Kreb’s cycle used in formulas for athletes to improve endurance and performance. It is
beneficial for people with fatigue syndromes and for ischemic heart disease.

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