An Introduction To The Way I Practice Medicine

An Introduction To The Way I Practice Medicine

by Ron Kennedy, M.D.

As my patients know, my passion in life is to discover root causes. I believe the journey of life is of one piece, that is to say “wholistic.” Ayurvedic medicine holds that all disease arises from three internal conditions: hate, greed, and close-mindedness. Whatever its effects on health, transformation of hate into love, greed into generosity, and close-mindedness into open-mindedness, if nothing else, is surely a relief.

By the time we are old enough to become philosophers about the human condition, we are also old enough to have become out of balance in the area of physical health. Very few people consider their out-of-balance condition until the side-effects become a nuisance. In many cases it must come as a threat to life itself before it will be dealt with and sometimes not even then will it be handled. Many people are shocked to discover they are ill, yet the signs and risk factors have been present for decades. Psychologists call this “denial.”

The avoidance of suffering is a legitimate reason to pursue better health. However, in my opinion, there are even better reasons. Personal education and fulfillment of purpose are the major ones. This requires a subscription to the idea that we are placed on this earth in a context of education and purpose. If this so and if you leave class early, you are unlikely to have completed your studies or to have carried out your purpose. Some spiritual teachers would say you will be sent back, re- incarnated. (I have no idea about that.)

We have long known the human body is literally covered with micro-organisms. Every millimeter of skin and mucous membrane is inhabited by tiny animals. The lining of the gut, from one end to the other is especially well populated as is the respiratory tract, and sometimes even the blood itself. In the normal condition organisms found on and in the body are friendly, a condition called eubiosis. This is a gift of nature. Certain conditions disrupt this condition and cause dysbiosis:

Failure to fully digest your food
Generalized toxicity
Heavy metal toxicity
Hypometabolic states
Hidden chronic infections

Correction of dysbiosis is achieved by life-style changes (change in diet and emotional life) and with the help of the German SanPharma isopathic remedies. Clearance by the FDA in the year 2000 for the use of these remedies by licensed doctors is probably the best thing which has happened to natural medicine in the U.S. for the past 25 years. These remedies have the power to restore eubiosis in a matter of months in cases of dysbiosis of years duration. They actually restore the gut’s ability to regulate the intestinal flora. The action of these remedies alters micro-organisms back to the eubiotic state.

In my practice I often see what I have come to term the Generalized Toxicity Syndrome. This involves some combination of an array of symptoms which include:

Low body temperatures
Heat/cold intolerance
Blood pressure (high or low)
Decreased memory
Decreased concentration
PMS/Menstrual disorders
Dry skin or hair
Brittle or unhealthy nails
Blurred vision
Abnormal swallowing sensations
Bloating, edema, water retention
Immune weakness
Muscle/Joint aches (Fibromyalgia)
Easy bruising
Slow healing
Sweat gland dysregulation

All these symptoms come from a lowered metabolic rate. The most common cause, by far, of lowered metabolic rate is Generalized Toxicity which in turn usually results from heavy metal toxicity and/or hidden chronic infections. Until this generalized toxicity is dealt with, any other treatment will be only a partial and temporary solution. If your body temperature does not average at least 98.2 orally, if you feel ill and you are under 50, you are hypometabolic. People over 50 can have lower body temperatures and if they feel well are not considered to be hypometabolic. Temperature does drop with age in most cases, but it should never average less than 97.6.

In my experience, the Generalized Toxicity Syndrome and Heavy Metal Toxicity contribute, if not actually trigger, the autoimmune disorders, vascular disease, and diabetes. I suspect cancer is the final outcome if allowed to run its natural course. There is a lot of epidemiological evidence for this idea.

This is the briefest of introductions to my practice. A more complete presentation is contained in my book The Thinking Person’s Guide To Perfect Health, which is now published exclusively as an e-Book.

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