AMP (a.k.a. Adenosine Monophosphate)

AMP (a.k.a. Adenosine Monophosphate)

Dr. KennedyAMP and herpes

Adenosine-mono-phosphate is an injectable, natural substance almost unknown among allopathic doctors. Yet, so many of
the conditions they treat can be helped with AMP. One of the most common conditions confronting doctors is herpes: fever
blisters and genital herpes. Both of these conditions can be controlled, and actually prevented by a small weekly injection of

AMP and Weakness of Heart Muscle

In heart disease, and as people age, the muscle of the heart becomes weaker. AMP is the precursor of ATP, the form in
which muscular energy is stored. The use of AMP strengthens muscles throughout the body including heart muscle. It can
make the difference between a normal life and congestive heart failure and/or angina.

Doctors who are generally experienced in the use of AMP practice nutritional medicine.

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