Advertise in the Doctors' Medical Library!

Advertise in the Doctors' Medical Library!

Get your practice the attention it deserves !

Ron Kennedy, M.D.

Become a member of the Doctors’ Medical Library and put your practice on the map.

Dear Colleague,

One purpose of The Doctors’ Medical Library is to help doctors and their future patients connect with each other. To that aim we have installed a free "Find A Physician" function at the top of all of our approximately 5000 web pages. We encourage all licensed physicians and dentists to sign up with us and get their offices listed in this database. Click on the "Find A Physician" button at the top of the page to give it a try and see how it works.

Medical Doctors and Dentists add your practice to this database FREE ! Just click here and fill out the short form so your clinic will show in the search results for your area.

Alternatively you may wish to take advatage of our new advertisement option that would put your clinic boldly on the left column of every page in the library. You can also put your ad beneath the content of any selected pages or run it on all pages. click here to read more!

(Have you already signed up for a free listing? Are you ready to see your clinic name and contact information show up in the scroller near the top of every page? Maybe you now wish to have your own web page? If so, click here to login, then proceed to create your web page.)

Join the Doctors’ Medical Library !

Besides the free listing option we offer a much deeper level of support for your practice. Becoming a member gives you a number of great advantages over the free submission option on the next page. When you join as member your clinic will show at the top of "Find A Physician" search results page, above the free listing results. A link will lead from your name or your clinic’s name to a separate web page which you can customize with a map to your office, photos, and dialog describing your practice. (click here to see an example) If you do not already have a personal website, this option will prove very helpful as you can put the address of this DML web page on your business cards, brochures or advertisements. If you already have a website of your own, you can link from your personal web page on our website to your website or just link directly to your website from the "Find A Physician" search results page.

This may sound complicted, but we have made it easy for you by pre-writing the script which makes it all possible. All you need to do is fill out a form.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Your name or clinic name will get over 5,000 views per day on our scrolling banner ads
  • A link to your web page from the banner ad
  • A link from your web page to your own personal website, if you have one
  • A place to describe your busines and explain why patients should come to you which is displayed in your web page
  • Photos of yourself, your staff and your clinic
  • An interactive Yahoo map that will direct new patients to your office
  • A list your specialty or specialities with links to articles within the Library which describe in depth the nature of your speciality or specialties
  • The ability to submit articles to the Library which will link to and from your personal web page

Join the Doctors’ Medical Library!

The Doctor’s Medical Library offers to create a web page for your medical or dental practice which will describe in detail the services you offer. We will integrate your new web page with the Doctors’ Medical Library (DML) which means your web page will enjoy the exposure attracted by DML, over 5,000 pages viewed every day. This translates to about 100,000 pages with your advertisement, viewed every month by people looking for medical help. I offer you this and it requires no effort other than taking a few minutes to enter your clinic practice information below. Your credit card will begin to be charged $35 every four weeks, a fraction of what you might pay for a daily special coffee and much less than the cost of a “business card” website which would rarely receive a single hit. If you are not pleased with the results, you can opt out at any point with no further obligation.

I have developed the information in Doctors’ Medical Library since 1994 and it has received over 60,000,000 hits since its went online Jan. 15, 1999. Our visitors are not the idly curious. Most visitors are looking for help with health problems and many are looking for a health care professional who practices in your area

Even if your web page brings only one new patient per month, it pays for itself many times over.

Upgrade to a Membership in the Doctors’ Medical Library!

The Doctors’ Medical Library has over 1700 articles, over 4,600 posts to Ask Dr. Kennedy, and the DML Medical Dictionary growing week by week, now in the “G”s. This volume of information translates into high rankings in the search engines in many health care related categories and thus lots of traffic which results in high exposure for your business.

When you come on board, I invite you to contribute articles on your favorite medical subjects. I will post them and hyperlink them to your web page and then submit them for search engine indexing. Your future patients will then find you through your own journalism

When you finish filling in the sign-up page below, you will see presented on screen your new web page. Go ahead and do it, for there is no obligation, and you can then see how your web page would appear.

After you see your new web page, you can stop, or proceed to actualize it. To proceed enter your credit card information on a secured page. Your card will be charged $35 every 4 weeks until you choose to cancel, at any time, by going to By signing up you will receive a user name and password which will allow you to update your site, cancel it, or put it on hold, all at your discretion. Also, if you already have a website, you will be able to hyperlink your new DML web page to your already existing website and thus increase traffic to your site. Finally, we will create a submissions page for the search engines so that when someone does a search for your name they will arrive directly at your DML web page.

Both options are open to licensed medical doctors. If you wish to receive the benefits of membership sign up now using the form below. Or if you prefer to simply list your practice in our free searchable physicians database, Click here!


You will be able to view your new DML web page before it becomes public and before you make any commitments.

Welcome to a smart business decision,

Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Santa Rosa, California


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