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Advertising on the DML

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We have a number of great options for Advertising on the Doctors' Medical Library.

If you are a Physician or Dentist it will serve you best to start by becoming a memeber of the Library, you will receive your own webpage on our website where you can list your specialties and link to pages that will help describe what you do. You can also link to your own website, if you have one, and provide a map and photos of yourself, clinic and staff. When you become a member your clinic name and contact info will show in the random scrolling box near the page tops of all of our pages. There are many other benefits as well so check it out by clicking the "physicians click here" button above.

We also have space on the column to the left below the "Imagine Your Ad here" button. This space is 159 pixels wide and rents for $1.00 a pixel in length per week. A small ad this size would cost $32 per week to run. Ads longer that this will cost an additional $1 per pixel depth per week. There is also a $20 setup fee for all ads. Your ad will be seen an average of 36,000 times a week, by over 6100 viewers. Your ad will show on virtually all of our pages, there are 7 special pages (click here for list) on which we do not allow advertising, the home page will carry your ad however. All ads are subject ot approval by the management.

You can also selectively place your ads within our pages. Below the text of any of our pages (list of exceptions here) you may place an ad that will only appear on those pages you select. We can monitor the views of these pages and charge you per view multiplied by the size of your ad. The rate is $10 per 1000 sq. pixels per month; a 4800 sq.pixel minimum ad size (60px high by 80 px wide) costs $48 plus .05 percent per page view (a 5000 sq. pixel ad would be charged 2.4 cents per page view). Such an ad would be the same size of the ad just below. You may choose to vary the size of the ad and if you prefer align it to the left, center or right side of the page. Please submit your ad or advertising idea to

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