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breast cyst
Posted by: annemaree
Date: August 16, 2000 1:29 PM

Recently an ultrasound showed an atypical breast cyst. My GP wants me to have a mammography, fine needle aspiration, etc to determine that it is not malignant. The cyst is small 5mm x 5mm, barely palpable. I do not like the idea of mammograms unless they are absolutely vital, nor fine needle aspiration. The ultrasound report describes it as a hypoechoic lesion, with few internal echoes, and no acoustic enhancement or shadowing deep to the mass. No other solid or cystic abnormality. I have decided to take six weeks to cleanse my body, meditate, visualize and do emotional work on myself, be re-ultrasounded, then if the lump is the same, go ahead and have the other work done.

RE: breast cyst
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: August 16, 2000 1:54 PM

Yes, think twice before allowing a doctor to insert a needle into a potentially malignant tumor. Malignancies sometimes exist for years without metastasizing because the capsule is intact. Break the capsule and, well you get the picture. Here is a good rule of thumb: lumpectomy or nothing. No tests, simply lumpectomy of leave it alone. The lumpectomy is the test and if it turns out malignant, the whole thing is out; if it is benign, little damage done. On the other hand if you decide to watch it and it does not change, that would vote in favor of doing nothing further than continue watching it. Breast cancer cells double about every 100 days, so if that is what it is, it should declare itself pretty soon.

RE: breast cyst
Posted by: annemaree
Date: August 16, 2000 2:11 PM

That's the most obvious thought and I hadn't thought of it ! So to leave it 6 weeks and have another ultrasound, is that a good idea, or skip the ultrasound and just either have it removed or keep an eye on it. What are your views on ultrasounds?

RE: breast cyst
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: August 16, 2000 10:29 PM

Ultrasound tells you something is there. It is not diagnostic. You already know something is there, although there may be something deeper which ultrasound could pick up. However, ultrasound is probably the most accurate way of measuring size for comparison with future ultrasounds. As to mammorgraphy guided lumpectomy, somehow doctors managed such procedures before mammography existed. Of course the skill of a surgeon matters.

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