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irregular hearbeat
Posted by: Sue
Date: August 3, 2000 4:43 AM

I have an irregular heart rhythm which was diagnosed as ventricular fibrillation. I thought ventricular fibrillation was fatal. The initial onset of the symptoms occurred while I was jogging. I had extreme chest pain that "stopped me in my tracks" and then racing heart and palpitations that lasted for days. The fibrillation was observed while I was performing a stress test and the doctor made me stop immediately. He told me if I experienced the problem again I should immediately call him and have a new kind of Halter monitor test. Can this condition be dangerous? When should I worry?

RE: irregular hearbeat
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: August 3, 2000 12:10 PM

I advise you to be followed by a board certified cardiologist, not simply a GP. Without being able to see you or your studies, I cannot advise you about when to be worried. You are right in one sense and that is VF is fatal - if it persists. You must have paroxysmal attacks which subside quickly. In general, from a nutritional standpoint, we are always concerned about mineral and trace mineral status when dealing with arrhythmias. However, many doctors do not think of this, including cardiologist. The docs who are listed with this web site are generally thoughtful about this aspect.

RE: irregular hearbeat
Posted by: Susan
Date: September 19, 2000 3:23 PM

Hello, I had a similar occurance 6 yrs ago, was 29 (was a light smoker) and excerised, was trim. One night, -before coffee-, I felt my heart jump. It would then go 3 normal beats, skip a beat , and then beat again. The 4th one seemed harder, which was scarey and annoying at first, but weirdly I got -used- to it... My primary MD did an EKG, gave me a monitor to record the heratbeat once a day, and then call the beats in via the phone to a service. They ultimately said it was a premature ventricular heartbeat, which is supposedly safe ? and also common for "young" people. It actually mysteriously went away after 4 yrs.

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