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Vegetarian Diet?
Posted by: Arnold Gore
Date: July 13, 2000 1:47 PM

I have been greatly impressed with the validity of the Blood Type Diet advocated by Dr.Peter D'Adamo in his Book "Eat Right for your Type". It seems to explain all the inconsistencies, why some people don't do well on a vegetarian diet.

I have been on a semi-vehetarian diet-including fish, eggs for the last 21 years. I am doing quite well, but I recently found out that I am Blood Type A-which does well on a vegetarian diet and my strict vegetarian friend is not doing well, but he is Type O, which needs some meat.

What is your evaluation of the Blood Type Diet, have others had simolar experiences?

RE: Vegetarian Diet?
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: July 14, 2000 2:37 AM

You hear lots of support for the diet and you hear of lots of people for whom it does not work. Fact is there are no studies to show that it works. I would like to see some published data.

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