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Posted by: Ted
Date: July 4, 2000 1:55 PM

I have had a persistent, debilitating fatigue for 2 years. It seems to have something to do with dehydration.

What is causing my body to lose water so rapidly? I drank 15 glasses of water yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I was very fatigued - and myurine volume was low this morning anyway. What is causing my body to lose water so rapidly?

RE: Fatigue
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: July 4, 2000 5:44 PM

Here is a list of possible causes of excess water loss. This list can be used by your doctor to order diagnostic tests which should lead to successful treastment:

Diabetes insipidus
Diabetes mellitus
Drug administration
Excessive growth hormone (acromegaly)
Hyperviscosity syndromes
Liver disease
Postobstructive diuresis
Psychogenic polydipsia (primary polydipsia)
Renal disease or renal failure
Renal glucosuria

RE: Fatigue
Posted by: Ted
Date: July 4, 2000 10:29 PM

You'll recall I posted a few weeks ago re: "Air Conditioner" as a reason also. Given that lack of intake of oxygen can cause fatigue, could the "stuffy-ness" of one's appartment - caused by lack of air conditioning and lack of air circulation - play a part? Could I be barking up the correct tree here?

RE: Fatigue
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: July 5, 2000 4:48 AM

Well, of course, if the oxygen tension in your apartment falls it simulates being at altitude. Low oxygen tension is the major reason for fatigue in mountain climbers, at least while they are climbing mountains. A small ventilation portal open at all times should help.

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