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Just Diagnosed:Autoimmune Disease
Posted by: Ellana L. Clarke
Date: June 21, 2000 5:22 PM

After three + years of not feeling "right," I changed doctors. First visit and first set of tests revealed "autoimmune disease": Lupus? Lyme? CFS? I'm uneducated to this. I'm scared. And I am angry as HELL at my other doctor. All he did was treat my symptoms (can't sleep, tired all the time, joints hurt, weight gain).

RE: Just Diagnosed:Autoimmune Disease
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: June 22, 2000 1:16 AM

Well, first get an accurate diagnosis. Then you can proceed rationally. Let your new doc do his or her job. After that. If you are not satisfied, seek another opinion. You have had this condition for a long time according to what you have said. Perhaps you can give a bit more time for this doc to come up with an accurate and useful diagnosis. Take a deep breath. Tests are to help determine a diagnosis. If the doctor could begin with a certain and sure diagnosis, there would be no need for diagnostic tests. Bounce to another doctor only if this one is given a chance and comes up blank.

RE: Just Diagnosed:Autoimmune Disease
Posted by: Ellana L. Clarke
Date: July 11, 2000 5:04 PM


Thank you very much for your reply but unless you are willing to back up your claims 100% and have written, verifible PROOF, I am not interested. I have had numerous 'wonder drugs' waved in front of my face where the only one who was going to 'feel' better was the person pocketing my money! If I offend you, I am sorry!

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