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root canals
Posted by: Lynn
Date: June 14, 2000 10:40 AM

I have been incredibly sick for the past eight months with mercury poisoning. I just found out that I have an infected root canal as well (originally done in '93). My dentist who is not holistic or mercury-free wants to simply redo it. After reading about the "focal point infection" theory I'm not sure this is the route to go. Should I have it redone or pull the tooth in order to regain my health? And if I pull it what materials are safe to replace it with It's painful and I need to do something quickly.

RE: root canals
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: June 14, 2000 12:51 PM

In most if not all cases, when root canals fail, the tooth should be removed. The alternative is a bridge using composite material or an artificial tooth. I prefer the former. It is bonded to the tooth on either side. Whether root canals should ever be done is an area of hot debate, but if one fails, it is not likely to succeed regardless of what is done to it. “Failure” means infection, by the way.

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