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Food Myth #6
Posted by: Ted
Date: June 4, 2000 2:31 PM

About milk. Your Food Myth #6 states: "This one is a corollary of the Meat Axiom: you have had a 'balanced' diet only when you have had your daily milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc. "Only milk supplies sufficient calcium for a healthy body." This is bull. Calcium is present in sufficient quantities in vegetables. This is true however: only milk and milk products supply you with calcium caseinate, the major ingredient in wood glue. Consume no dairy!"

1. Vegetables contain calcium -- but I understand that the high quantities of vitamins A and D in milk help your body "keep", if you will, an optimum amount of the calcium, which vegetables don't allow you to do.

2. What exactly is calcium caseinate that it makes it detrimental to the human body? I understand that caseinate is casein mixed with metal(s), but iron is a metal and human beings need iron.

RE: Food Myth #6
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: June 4, 2000 3:31 PM

Bone breakdown and regeneration is a constant, ongoing process. It is much more related to hormone balance than it is to intake of calcium. Witness the fact that young people do not get osteoporosis almost regardless of their diets. Also, calcium is grossly overvalued. It is magnesium which makes bones hard and which is generally lacking in the SAD (standard American diet). Magnesium comes from green leafies (from chlorophyll). Furthermore, the calcium (and any mineral for that matter) which you ingest must be in the chelated form to be useful (minerals are chelated by plants). "Calcium enriched" on a food label means they have added calcium carbonate (limestone). This stuff must be excreted or stored. It is the source of arteriosclerosis. The major source is ground water which includes tap, spring, filtered, reverse osmosed - any source which has been in contact with the ground and is not distilled. This is why hardening of the arteries is a universal result of aging. When you are looking for a calcium supplement make sure it is not limestone. A good choice is calcium citrate (chelated to the citrate molecule) but it costs more so you will not see OJ enriched with this stuff as long as the public remains unaware of these distinctions. Denatured (i.e. pasteurized) milk protein is highly antigenic. About 1/3 of people will eventually develop allergy to it. Cooked (pasteurized) milk, in my view, is about the least compatible (to the average person's biochemistry) food you can find.

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