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colon cancer
Posted by: Dick Tiedgen
Date: May 29, 2000 1:17 PM

I have colon cancer that went to the liver. The tumor was removed from my colon in Nov. 98 and I have 4 tumors is my liver. I have been doing alternative therapy since then. I have come across a product called Hydrazine Sulfate and would like to know your opinion. I feel good except lately I don't have quite the energy I had and would also like to know what I might take for that. I do take lots of herbs & vitamins and do oxygen.

RE: colon cancer
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: May 29, 2000 5:29 PM

I live in the state of Draconia (California) where the alternative treatment of cancer by doctors is outlawed ! So, I do not have a lot of direct experience. I have heard doctors from medically enlightened states say hydrazine sulfate helps with appetite and weight loss (countering it), both of which can become problems with cancer. As to something safe to do for energy, first be sure you are sleeping well. If not, 100 mg. 5-hydroxy-tryuptophan leads to sound restful sleep for most people with the problem. If energy generation is the primary problem, many people find phosphytidal serine to be a good solution. Understand that I am not prescribing or recommending for you, but merely reflecting on what other folks have found useful.

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