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Cold wife with thin blood
Posted by: Gary
Date: April 5, 2000 5:45 PM

My wife is prone to being cold. Her feet, nose and hands are especially cold. She also experiences "sinking spells" in the late morning and mid-afternoon. Last night we had trouble stopping a cut from bleeding, so we are starting to wonder if all of these conditions are related. She is 28, in good health and not overweight. Do you have any possible explanations?

Thin wife with cold blood
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: April 8, 2000 7:55 PM

If her core temperature, as measured by thermometer, is consistently below 98.2, I would consider her hypometabolic. Causes of hypometabolism include hypothyroidism, toxicity (particularly heavy metals and especially mercury - usually from dental amalgam), and chronic infection (most commonly chronic gut wall infection.) Hypometabolism will slow the clotting time. Mind you, I am not trying to diagnose your wife, but these are some possibilities. Unfortunately, the causes and treatment of hypometabolism is a vast overlooked and underappreciated area in medicine. I wish I could tell you to take this problem to your family doc, but statically speaking you would receive a blank stare in about 99 cases out of a hundred..

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