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Swollen gland in neck
Posted by: mx
Date: March 28, 2000 3:17 AM

I've had a swollen gland in my neck for 4 weeks now and I'm starting to worry about cancer (Hodgkin's lymphoma). The gland is on the right side half way down my neck and its about the size of a almond. I had a one sided sore throat about a week before I noticed the gland. I had blood work done and everything came back OK but my sed rate was 30 and my EBV came back a bit high. I am very worried this be the start of cancer. How long can a lymph node take to shrink back to normal size? I do get alot of sore throats. Can this cause the gland to stay swollen?

Swollen gland in neck
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: March 29, 2000 2:26 PM

Of course there is no substitute for seeing your doctor in person and for your doc seeing this swelling in person. In general, lymph nodes help handle infections and they can also become infected themselves. In the latter case the infection can last for extended periods of time. I suggest you continue to allow your doc to follow this with perioidic blood tests until it resolves.

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