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Tenderness to touch, impediment
Posted by: askthedoc
Date: August 13, 2013 3:18 AM

I am 6'0, 290 lbs and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Self-employed musician without insurance. My skin is tender to the touch, like I have the flu, on the left side of my groin area, and it's been this way for maybe a year now. I would notice it only when, say, drying off with a towel after a shower. I don't know if the timing is the same, but for a while now I have noticed an impeded urine flow when I get up at night to use the restroom. I also notice it's pronounced like that when my bladder is really full. I am worried because it seems both may be getting worse. I went on a very long car trip (20 hours driving in 32 hours) and, needing to urinate after a long stretch rather urgently, it was the most impeded I think it's ever been. In addition, the pain and sensitivity in the groin area seems spreading now down the thigh, and I perhaps even feel it on the entire left side of my body.

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Re: Tenderness to touch, impediment
Posted by: drron
Date: August 13, 2013 4:00 AM

While I can't diagnose you in this format, I can say that what you describe is consistent with a fungal skin infection and with prostate disease. Prostate disease could be as simple as benign prostate hypertrophy or as serious as prostate cancer. I happen to know that you are 43 so it not out of the question that BPH could already be setting in. If so there is treatment to halt the progression and even reverse it. Whatever the problem, you should see a urologist without delay.

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