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Protocol for weaning off T3
Posted by: glider111
Date: April 7, 2013 1:57 AM

If a patient has RT3 issues and has successfully reduced its RT3 after several months of T3 only medication, what is the protocol for weaning off the meds? From Dr Wilson's work, it is understood that this is possible assuming that underlying concerns which caused the RT3 itself eg. weak adrenals is being addressed. It is quite contradictory as endo's advice ranging from "yes but in a few years" to "yes you can wean off now." What is your experience and weaning off protocol on this? Most importantly, does one suffer from temperature drop during this weaning off period as the thyroid has not fully "woken up" yet? If so, for how long? What are the critical things to look out for during this period so that one is not doing this the wrong way? My temp has been good with T3 at 36.8 to 37 with BBT at 36.8 for weeks. Now that I am in the weaning stage day 4, my BBT has dropped to 36.5 with average temp at 36.7. Normal?

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Re: Protocol for weaning off T3
Posted by: drron
Date: April 7, 2013 4:00 AM

I no longer place much credence in the reverse T3 theories. Having said that, I have found the thyroid to be a resilient organ, rebounding to whatever would have been its function had it not been supported, within a few days. I take about 1000 temperatures of reasonably healthy people each year. I find that temperatures are not stable, even in the same individual if taken twice or more on the same day. Healthy people often have low body temperatures (if you consider "low" to be below 98.0), either consistently or intermittently. I am not concerned about "low" temperature unless it is consistently below 96.4 or above 99.6 (Fahrenheit of course.) AND if below 96.4 I am only concerned if the patient is chronically fatigued and "feels" cold. I have found healthy individuals with temperatures temporarily up to 100 F even in the absence of exercise.

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Re: Protocol for weaning off T3
Posted by: drron
Date: April 10, 2013 4:39 PM

I have found the results of pursuing the RT3 theories were simply not lasting, simple as that. I would balance the thyroid studies with Time Release T3 and check the adrenals with a 24 hour urine collection analysis followed by supplementation with orthomolecular hormones as needed to bring levels back to typical 25 - 30 year old levels.

Re: Protocol for weaning off T3
Posted by: drron
Date: April 11, 2013 5:16 PM

If you want a more extensive evaluation, I do that only in written form. Re-enter the process for posting a question and when you come to the choice which includes Educational Consultation, choose that. Since the advent of orthomolecular hormone availability, I use only time release cortisol and only in cases where lab testing indicates a deficiency.

Re: Protocol for weaning off T3
Posted by: drron
Date: April 14, 2013 6:51 PM

Shortness of breath comes from low oxygen tension in the blood. This provokes an urgent desire to breathe rapidly to increase oxygen tension. Anything which causes low oxygen tension can be said to be a cause of shortness of breath. That can involve the heart, lungs, or even the breathing reflex itself. The latter could conceivably be related to hormone levels. As to T4 and hair growth, that is not something I am familiar with, but if you add the T4, hair returns, take it away and hair flees, etc. then you have a case.

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