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Getting off Warfarin / Coumadin
Posted by: hlr559
Date: June 1, 2012 9:32 PM

I am interested in persuading my primary care doctor to supervise a transition I would like to make for me from 7.5 mg of Warfarin daily (6+ years now for AF) to any combination of Nattinokinase / Vitimin E / or other natural supplements. I am very curious if you have any citations for any studies or medical journal reports to which I can refer him or have any other ideas for my efforts to persuade him. If not, can he call you? My other signficant issues are Cardiovascular disease and Stage 4 CKD. Are you aware that these conditions might reasonably contraindicate transitioning away from warfarin or, better (from my perspective), increase the case for doing so?

Re: Getting off Warfarin / Coumadin
Posted by: drron
Date: June 12, 2012 10:23 PM

Unfortunately, natural therapies are given short shrift when it comes to studies as the pharmaceutical companies (which fund such studies) have nothing to gain. Your doctor is probably not going to be persuaded by the fact that practitioners of natural medicine are using this method, so you may have to find such a doctor to make that shift. As to chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, these are not contraindications to vitamin E and Nattokinase. Bottom line: my opinion - you will probably need to change docs. Search for a doc at

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