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Posted by: RKirkpatrick
Date: June 6, 2011 2:26 PM

I have been suffering with low body temp for almost 3 years (about 97.2 with Mercury thermometer when I wake up in morning, 10 minutes under arm while lay in bed). My TSH was 9.0 when this whole problem started and I got my blood work done so I have been on either Armour or Synthroid since then. Nothing has helped with the temperature. I am desperate to solve the body temperature issue. Question: I am currently on 120 mg of Armour. Do I need to get off of Armour BEFORE getting the T3 and RT3 blood work done or can I get accurate measurements even while on Armour? Question: If it turns out that my ratio is less than 10 to 1 and I set up a trial of Time Release T3, would I need to get off of Armour while doing the Time Release T3 trial? Question: Can a person have a high TSH like I had and still have Wilsonís? It seems like Wilsonís is prevalent for those with normal TSH?

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Re: Thyroid
Posted by: drron
Date: June 6, 2011 3:48 PM

97.2 under the arm is not indicative of anything. There is a normal range of temperatures and that is definitely within the normal range. Even 97.2 under the tongue would be OK if lab tests were normal and you felt well. However, apparently lab tests are not normal. You mentioned the TSH. What is the level of T3 and T4? I am especially interested in FREE T3. (As to Wilson's I no longer put stock in that theory.) In general I find time release T3 AS A THERAPY to be superior to any other form of thyroid replacement if it is taken on schedule every 12 hour. It would make no sense to take it with any other form of thyroid in addition. As to temperature, if you are concerned about peripheral temperature (hands, feet) that can be an energy DISTRIBUTION problem involving liver, kidneys, spleen, etc. energy systems and is best dealt with by a skilled homeopath. (I am not a homeopath.)

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