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clogged arteries... at home treatment?
Posted by: sweye121
Date: July 13, 2010 5:26 AM

Wanted to get your thoughts on the Linus Pauling protocol for cleaning arteries (3 grams Vit C with 3 grams of Lysine 3 times daily)... is this of any value? Also, if the Pauling protocol works can this be used with arginine? ...or EDTA? increase the benefit? Last question... just read that you do not recommend the oral use of hydrogen peroxide... for those that have decided to try this... I understand it should be done 3 hours after a meal and one hour before a meal... with that understood, is it safe to use other products (Pauling protocol, arginine, EDTA) with the hydrogen peroxide as long as they are taken with meals? I'm a 100% certain I'll make the drive and set an appointment with you... just wanted to ask a few questions first... thank you

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Re: clogged arteries... at home treatment?
Posted by: drron
Date: July 13, 2010 5:41 AM

There are no adequate large studies to validate Pauling's ideas, but he was such a remarkable genius I would be surprised if he were wrong. As to H2O2, you write that you know I do not recommend oral H2O2, then you ask me what to mix with it? The reason I do not recommend it orally is that there is always some remnant of food in the stomach (even and "empty" stomach) and H2O2 can react with food to produce who-knows-what unwanted compounds.

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