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unsaturated oils including omega 3 and also the use of progesterone
Posted by: mossfield
Date: August 10, 2009 8:40 PM

Before starting to use progesterone cream for menopausal symptoms about 8 years ago, I was prescribed thyroxine. At the time I assumed it was because of my long term use of lithium. After several months of using the cream my TSH and T3 returned to normal and thyroxine was stopped. My bloods are done every three months because of the lithum. Last year I halved the dose of cream and soon my levels showed the need for thyroxine again. I asked my doctor to retest in a month and sure enough TSH and T3 returned to normal. My doctor however is not interested in progesterone. I purchase it myself from the USA. I would love to have your comments on estrogen dominance as a cause for low thyroid function. I have also recently read on Dr Ray Peat's web site that ALL unsaturated oils are toxic to the thyroid. It was his research on progesterone that influenced the late Dr. John Lee's work on progesterone and from whose books I heard of progesterone all those years ago. Omega 3 is very much the "in" supplement at the moment.I would also value you views on this.

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Re: unsaturated oils including omega 3 and also the use of progesterone
Posted by: drron
Date: August 10, 2009 11:29 PM

Estrogen causes food calories to be stored as fat and thyroid Hormone causes fat calories to be metabolized yielding energy. Thyroid hormone and estrogen therefore have opposing actions. Estrogen dominance inhibits thyroid action and lowers the rate of metabolism of the body. Natural progesterone inhibits estrogen action. The symptoms of hypothyroidism may also occur because of estrogen dominance (notably in deficiency of progesterone). If all unsaturated oils are toxic to the thyroid, we are all in trouble because the essential (necessary for life) fatty acids are all unsaturated. I doubt nature would make such a mistake.

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