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Posted by: jds11ky
Date: May 25, 2009 6:20 PM

Went to doctor 6 months ago, low energy, low sex drive. Diagnosed with low testosterone and put on androgel. "T" level is up but feelings are no different. I think low T is result of other issues. I have recently had 9 fillings removed. My body temp is always in the 97's, low heart rate (upper 40's at times), numbness in hands/feet, ankle pain with no swelling for last two years, no focus (wife says ADD), memory not crisp (soon to be 40), recent substantial vision changes, my eyes seem to be dry all the time, angry and become annoyed easily, sometimes I go 90 mph and sometimes I can't go at all. Very stressed. Was drinking a lot of coffee (10 or more cups a day). I was a daily drinker (5 or 6 beers). My diet is better than most. I exercise when I can round up enough energy. I am not overweight and have better than average musculature. I am 6' and about 205 lbs. I have recently started taking an oral DMSA. Marine Corps for seven years. I was in Desert Sheild/Desert Storm so I received all innoculations including Anthrax.

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Re: hypometabolism?
Posted by: drron
Date: May 26, 2009 7:52 AM

I would not disagree with your suspected diagnosis, except to say that it is not a diagnosis, only a symptom. To discover the core problem behind a depressed metabolic rate requires a thorough, in-depth interview, exam and lab studies. Best advice I can give is find a competent doctor to help you sort this out. Often hypometabolism orginates in the digetive and/or hormonal systems and it is important to consider exogenous toxins such as mercury.

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