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Posted by: joefromjersey
Date: March 4, 2009 9:49 PM

I have gotten cellulitis 7 times in the past 2 1/2 years in the same area on my right leg. Some background information - 48 yrs old, 290 lbs., FH, incompetent veins:
1. With exercise and diet, can incompetent veins become "competent," or, once they're not working properly, they can't be corrected through conventional means.
2. To what degree does "incompetent" veins contribute to getting cellulitis?
3. Do compression socks help? If yes, how?
4. In terms of dealing with the problem area on my toe, any good ideas on how to keep this area dry, healthy, and not prone to infection?
5. A couple of the cellulitis episodes were preceded by a late night. To what degree does not getting a lot of sleep, drinking alcohol, etc affect my resistance (immune system) to cellulitis?
6. Any connection between the family history and cellulitis?
7. Any other suggestions you have so I can stop the recurrance of the cellulitis. One of these times, I'm afraid the antibiotics may not work!

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Re: Cellulitis
Posted by: drron
Date: March 5, 2009 2:00 AM

1. Once incompetent, that is the way they will stay until treated.
2. Stasis promotes hypoxia which predisposes to cellulitis; short answer: a lot.
3. Yes. They compress incompetent surface veins and force blood through deeper veins. If the deeper veins are incompetent, then you have a bigger problem.
4. Depends on the cause. If still sick after veins are fixed, then the problem may be the arterial supply. Then one should look into intravenous EDTA chelation therapy.
5. Stress of any kinds suppresses the immune system and that includes too much party
6. Incompetent veins run in families and that predisposes to cellulitis
7. In your place, I would get the veins fixed asap (read up on Sclerotherapy on this website as that is the only way such veings are repaired short of surgery to remove them) and if the problem persists, I would look into IV EDTA chelation therapy (also read on this website) to open up the arterial system.

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