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cramps and muscle tightening after surgery
Posted by: catherine scales
Date: February 22, 2000 1:58 AM

My husband, age 60, is recovering from vascular surgery. The incision has healed, but his entire body including arms and legs hurt 90% of the time. He can't sleep over 2 hours at a time. The Doctor seems to think it will pass. He has lost over 30 lbs and has trouble eating. He had a stroke last October and the surgery was to try and keep this from happening again. Is this problem due to the surgery or the stroke? What should we do?

cramps and muscle tightening after surgery
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: February 22, 2000 4:43 PM

Sounds like you are describing a person with a very marginal nutritional status who has been placed under extreme stress and has been thrown into fibromyalgia, although this can't be a diagnosis in the absence of the patient in my office. I suggest you take this possiblity and see one of the docs you can find on the Find A Doctor service of this web site (see yellow tab above). Also, look into chelation therapy if you want to help prevent a recurrence of the stroke. See the article on chelation under Library Articles.

cramps and muscle tightning
Posted by: catherine
Date: February 22, 2000 11:36 PM

Thank you so very much for the information. I did some research on the subject and I think you hit the nail on the head.

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