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treatment of sigmoid-colon cancer
Posted by: Soubhagya
Date: August 4, 2007 7:36 AM

Suffering from sigmoid-colon cancer,
(1) Laparotomy and Resection anastamosis on 6/22/03; adenocarcinoma grade-II,infiltrating entire muscle wall/extending deeply into fat. One lymph node show metastasis
(2) Chemotherapy-6C inj.Oxaliplan/inj.Leucovorin/inj.5FU. 7/14/03 - 2/7/04
(3) Revision anterior resection appendectomy/bilateral oophorectomy-10/18/03
(4) Irradiation therapy 11/10/03 -12/16/03
(5) Chemotherpy-2C Inj.Irinotel/Inj.Cal.Leucovorin/Inj. 5FU. (Blood CEA increased from 18 to 40)
(6) Chemotherapy-6C inj.Oxaliplat cap. Zeloda-3/31/05 - 7/2/05. CEA 4 on 9/20/05
(7) CEA 60 on 10/8/06
(8) IMAT to nodal mass below aortic bifurcation.
(9) CEA,11 on 6/6/06, 25 on 8/8/06
(10) Chemotherapy -12C inj.Cetuximab/inj.Irinotel 8/10/2006-7/2/2007
(11) CEA 10 on 12/8/06 and 8 on 2/20/07 .
12) CEA 15.64 on 4/25/07, 17.38 on 5/4/07
(13) 6/11/07 Exploratory laparotomy with trail disection with open biopsy . Open biopsy - No malgnancy
(14) CEA 20.2 on 7/11/07. Contemplating chemotherpy.

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Re: treatment of sigmoid-colon cancer
Posted by: drron
Date: August 4, 2007 3:29 PM

First, bear in mind that I am not an oncologist. I advise people on how to avoid cancer and I am very good at that. It is much easier to avoid than to treat. Second, from a medical-legal point of view, since you are not my patient, I cannot advise treatment anyway. Having said that, and having studied your post carefully, the question which stands out in my mind is: how much should one trust the CEA? Is it QUANTITATIVELY reliable as an indicator of the presence of cancer cells? If it is, you still have a problem as it seems to be climbing over time. In your place I would ask for literature references from my oncologist to prove the quantitative reliability of the CEA test and I would study those references carefully and make my decision from that information.

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