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DMPS dangers
Posted by: michellekimball
Date: April 5, 2007 10:05 PM

1) I took the intravenous DMPS challenge test twice with a qualified doctor (Wyker) in Carmel, CA. The result from the first test (we did not get a lab report from the 2nd one) was a level of 15 for the mercury (based on 4 being OK). The lead level was also high.

After the first DMPS challenge test (at a low dose) I did not notice side effects except for a serious sinus infection (unusual for me) after about 2 weeks. A month after the 1st test I took the 2nd test (also at a low dose) and did have serious side-effects. I had all the symptoms listed as possible side effects (anxiety, depression, etc.) I felt very bad for a couple of weeks. The doctor ordered me to have IV vitamin injections which may have helped somewhat.

Given my own experience, I am very surprised that with the hundreds of patients you have used it on you have not seen any negative side effects. Do you have a special protocol that goes with taking the test? I took some Chlorella after the test and some vitamins. I have also heard that vegetarians are at risk if they take DMPS unless they take supplements to replenish mineral supply.

You also write that you prefer DMSA. Is that preferable for people who might be prone to having side effects with DMPS?

I want to know whether I still have mercury toxicity, but am apprehensive to take the DMPS and have the same symptoms which were frightening to me and my family. I would be willing to do it again if there were a protocol that would support the essential mineral loss and help restore ny body to normal.

I now live in Indonesia, but will be in California for 3 weeks in April (4/12 - 5/1) and possibly early May. I would like to take the DMPS test again (if I can be relatively assured that it will be safe with a good protocol) or some form of chelation to rid my body of further mercury.

2) Also I feel great eating a completely live (raw) food and vegetarian diet, but have not been able to here. I have resorted to occasionally eating meat (which I prefer not to do). I would not eat fish in the US, but wonder if it is OK here? There is no coal production (which produces methyl mercury which is rained on the oceans and absorbed my the fish) here (on the island of Bali) that I know of. I understand that it would be impossible to know without testing, but might it be safer to eat fish here than near industrialized nations?

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Re: DMPS dangers
Posted by: drron
Date: April 18, 2007 4:20 AM

A person can have or develop an allergy to any medication, including DMPS. Your story suggests that you were sensitized by your first dose of DMPS and reacted on your second. I have never seen it, but that does not mean it cannot happen. (A sinus infection, or anything else, two weeks later has no relationship to an allergy or sensitivity to DMPS.) If my hunch is correct, you should never have DMPS again. One must also remember that people with sulfite sensitivity do not do well with DMPS. There are other chelators to choose from, and DMSA is one of them. Regarding fish from the ocean, my advice is don't eat any, anywhere, ever. Whatever is in the ocean anywhere is in the ocean everywhere thanks to powerful ocean currents and simple diffusion.

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Re: DMPS dangers
Posted by: michellekimball
Date: April 20, 2007 10:25 PM

1. As far as an allergic reaction to DMPS. I am not allergic to anything that I know of, except that I am sensitive to medications in general, since I have hardly taken any my entire life. Also how can depression, anxiety, reduced immune response be an allergic reaction?

2. As for DMSA, does one also take a urine sample after taking it to gauge mercury levels? Or how do you test for mercury with DMSA? How does this procedure with DMSA work? How long does one take it for? How are the mercury levels gauged, etc.

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Re: DMPS dangers
Posted by: drron
Date: April 24, 2007 1:21 AM

1. Sustained depression and anxiety sound psychological in origin. As to depressed immune system response, that needs to be proven and quantitated and even then a cause/effect relationship may be hard to establish.

2. DMSA is taken in high dose orally, over several doses spread out in a manner probably a little different for each docotor. The analysis is the same as with DMPS.

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