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Stroke Risk A-Fib
Posted by: Russ
Date: December 4, 2006 2:54 PM

I use IV Chelation (EDTA) therapy once per week. I have read that EDTA helps in clot prevention. Should I consider oral EDTA to add additional protection? If so, which form, how much and how often? Do you have an associate in upper NY State that endorses and follows your philosophy and methods? I am in Syracuse.

RE: Stroke Risk A-Fib
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: December 4, 2006 4:06 PM

Oral EDTA is usually not thought of as a significant method of anti-coagulation due to the fact that very little is actually absorbed through the GI. There are other natural oral agents which are used, namely enzymes (Protease, Nattokinase, and Lumbrokinase; Nattokinase probably being the most effective), and also high dose vitamin E 1200 - 3000 IU daily. I am not recommending these to you and I advise you not to take any of them except on the advice of your doctor and if you are also taking Coumadin or other anti-coagulants, you will need periodic testing to see if the dose(s) of those should be reduced due to the cumulative anti-coagulant effect of the natural and pharmaceutical anti-coagulants. As to finding a doctor, click that tab ("Find A Doctor") above and do a search. If you do not find anyone close, you can order a more complete list.

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