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Cannot Digest Proteins, B-Vitamins or Essential Fatty Acids and Inability to Detox
Posted by: Wendi
Date: September 18, 2006 5:31 AM

Have you ever heard of this problem? I cannot digest protein, B-Vitamins or essential fatty acids (16 years of testing w/ numerous testing has confirmed this). As such, my body, brain and liver are severely toxic. I cannot detoxify my body, brain, or liver (my liver has numerous DNA detoxification Gene abnormalities in Phase I and Phase II), and because amino acids are needed for detoxification, I got severely ill when I tried that route, even get sick w/ alternative detoxification protocols. On top of this, my neurotransmitters are completely messed up as the brain is getting no/minimal Protein, B-Vitamins or E.F.A.'s. Your website mentions that if a person is ill and and not in a detoxification program, probably whatever else you are doing is not going to work.
1. Have you have any experience w/ patients unable to digest Protetin, B-Vitamins, E.F.A.'s.
2. How can a person ever recover from illnesss if they cannot detoxify?

RE: Cannot Digest Proteins, B-Vitamins or Essential Fatty Acids and Inability to Detox
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 18, 2006 5:42 AM

B vitamins and EFA do not require digestion. They are absorbed directly and no enzymatic action is required. There is no one living who cannot digest proteins. Such a person could not survive more than a few days. There is no one who cannot detox to some degree. Such a person would also be dead in a few days. If digestion is actually an issue, oral digstive enzymes are in order. If detox is a primary problem, colonics are a great support as are some of the so-called drainage remedies. In short, the situation as you have described it cannot exist. If this is simply a way of dramatizing a problem with digestion and detox, there are ways to support both processes.

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