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Feel disconnected/ringing in ears/spacey
Posted by: Robert
Date: July 14, 2006 3:45 PM

I am a healthy 52 year old male, 6 ft ,and weigh 198 lbs. I work out 4 times weekly, walk 3 times weekly for 25 minutes, and eat fairly healthy. My blood pressure is 120/80, resting heart rate 45. For years I have been taking juice plus, 1 multiple vit, baby aspirin, 1/2 doses salmon and flaxseed oils. In a period of about 10 days, out of the blue, I have developed constant high pitched ringing in ears, the volume fluctuates during the day, a spacey feeling, disconnected in a way, very slight tingling in ends of fingertips, and a few times just for a second, occasional dizziness or equilibrium problems, occasional slurred speech, sometimes trouble articulating words, and occasional memory problems. I Am seeing more eye floaters than normal. My doc has run all blood work: thyroid, liver, kidneys, etc..., done EKG, says I am healthy and can find nothing wrong. Can you help me?

RE: Feel disconnected/ringing in ears/spacey
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: July 15, 2006 12:04 AM

First off, I can tell you that after that description, you are certainly not healthy despite that you say so and that your doctor also says so. While from a practical as well as medical-legal standpoint, I cannot diagnose you, what I can say is that in cases which have been similar in presentation to yours I have found may cases of metal toxicity. Dental amalgams and fish (even fish oil) consumption have been at fault in many cases. Also, aspirin sensitivity can cause some of these symptoms. Neurological problems should be ruled out by a qualified neurologist, and then in such a case, I would be on the toxicity idea like a blood hound on a prison escapee. You need a special type of doc to check you for metal toxicity. Mainstream medicine knows very little about how to do this properly. I suggest you come see me, or shop for docs through Find A Doctor (yellow tab above).

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