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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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Posted by: Amy
Date: February 10, 2000 8:22 AM

I read about the successful use of ACE (adrenal cortical extract) in treating glaucoma in your Thinking Person's Guide to Perfect Health. Where can I find more information? My daughter is in Italy and can send it to me for my Dad, but I need to know more. None of his doctors know anything about nutritional approaches, are only recommending more surgury and I am really scared he is going to go blind.

Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: February 11, 2000 1:19 PM

The person most familiar with Dr. Josephson's work is Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. of Kent, WA. You could call and see if his office would provide you with a photocopy of Josephson's original work. His number is (253)854-4900.

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