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Incontinence Exercisers
Posted by: A. Pearce
Date: February 9, 2000 9:23 PM

Do the Kegel Exercisers work? I've seen 3 different models and all are quite expensive. I don't mind the expense if they really help. I'm experiencing loss of urine when exercising, lifting something heavy, coughing, or laughing. I would like to avoid surgery if possible.

Incontinence Exercisers
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: February 11, 2000 1:05 PM

Kegel invented the concept of exercises to strengthen the perineal floor, so I would tend to trust the equipment. Have you tried simple exercise of the perineal floor? This is accomplished by repeatedly contracting those muscles. (The contraction is the response to the cerebral command to stop urine flow.) A good workout is equivalent to lifting weights - the muscles are brought to the state of fatigue several times each week.

Incontinence excercisors
Posted by: A. Pearce
Date: February 11, 2000 3:27 PM

What constitutes a "good workout"? How many repetitions? And how many times per week?

Incontinence excercisors
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: February 14, 2000 5:06 AM

A good workout would be like any other striated muscle workout (for example biceps). Several sets, each set taking you near to exhaustion. How long that takes you is dependent on how much strength and stamina you already have. Trice per week should be sufficient.

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