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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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Posted by: Luke
Date: February 2, 2000 1:19 AM

I am 19 and about 8 months ago started to have a sweating problem where I started to sweat under my arms whenever I was anxious or nervous. Since then it has gradually got worse and worse and I now only don't sweat under my arms when I am completely relaxed or really tired. Is this just a hormonal thing caused by puberty that will pass?

Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: February 4, 2000 7:00 AM

Sweat glands are a system to assist in cleansing of the body. Excessive sweating may indicate that your body is in need of (physiological) cleaning. The most likely place to look for a source of toxicity is diet, however there may also be other sources. If foul odor is part of the picture, a likely source is a toxic colon. Colon therapy may be something to consider. (This goes for foul breath as well.)

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