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Arsenic, Lead, and DMPS
Posted by: Teya
Date: December 17, 2005 6:35 AM

I was having fairly severe symptoms off and on for over a year (shaking, dizziness, heart racing, near black outs, digestive upset, etc.) I was diagnosed by hair analysis with .29 Arsenic (ref <.060) and .26 Antimony (ref <.050) and lead at 6.1 (ref <1.0). I was given EDTA to take for 2 months at home, which I'm taking. I was also prescribed DMPS 50mg, 1 pill 3 x a day by my ND, also to be taken for 2 months. 1. Is this a good treatment for my toxicity? Is there something better? 2. Would the EDTA alone take out the Arsenic as well as the lead? 3. Is it safe to take both of these treatments at the same time? I was also told to take coral calcium from the same source, and after reading your site I am wondering now about the treatment.

RE: Arsenic, Lead, and DMPS
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: December 17, 2005 2:42 PM

Coral calcium is ordinary calcium carbonate. As you know from my article, I consider calcium cabonate anathema from any source. Calcium is used to inhibit the absorption of some metals, so that is the rationale for ite use. However, if you are taking it with EDTA, it will bind the EDTA and make your treatment relatively ineffective. EDTA is better at handling arsenic, antimony and lead than DMPS and DMPS is best for mercury. There are many ways these items are dosed, and I do not know that one way is better than another. It may be that the important thing is that they are taken in doses not high enough to make the patient ill and for long enough to do the job. Finally, I do not trust hair analyses - too many factors affect the deposition of metals in hair. I prefer and use only the DMPS Challenge Test, but that involves venipuncture which your ND is not licensed to do.

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