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breast cancer
Posted by: Margaret
Date: September 29, 2005 8:03 PM

My sister has stage IV breast cancer. They removed her right breast but the cancer is in her lymph nodes as well. Doctors want her to start both chemo and radiation. I've been reading that cancer can't survive in an alkaline environment. If this is true wouldn't hydrogen peroxide therapy be a more effective treatment?

RE: breast cancer
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 30, 2005 2:19 AM

It is true that hydrogen peroxide is hard on cancer cells, however in your sister's case she will need all the therapeutic approaches possible, so I would not advise substituting hydrogen peroxide for a conventional therapy but it would be wise to use both, if that is possible. It is also true that cancer grows less aggressively in an alkaline environment, and there are many ways to achieve this, but hydrogen peroxide should not be relied on exclusively to do the job. Rest, relaxation, lots of laughter, a diet high is vegetable matter, and regular intake of whey protein are some of the ways that help a lot. Regular measurement of salivary pH with pH paper is a good way to monitor the situation. None of this is advice for your sister, but methods I have found helpful with other patients.

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