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Posted by: Margie
Date: September 5, 2005 12:01 AM

Which is a safer chelating agent DMPS or DMSA? What does EDTA do? I have severe tattooing of my teeth making it look like no amalgam was taken out on x-rays but I did in fact have the reservoir of amalgam out of 16 of my teeth that was put in when I was a child or 30+ years ago. Will the residual mercury in my teeth come out during chelation? If I am chelated by IV let's say once per week, what am I looking at for the length of chelation schedule given the exposure? I realize this is conditional on Hg levels but can you approximate? Lastly I had a reaction (galvanic or chemical reaction to the ceramic crowns that were placed and they had to be removed (even though I had testing through Clifford Consulting Research). I am afraid of a galvanic reaction or metal going on metal -even gold- with the residual amalgam left in the teeth that need crowns (7)? Plastic temps have caused me no reactions nor the resin fillings used to replace the mercury but obviously the temp crowns keep coming off and harbor bacteria.

RE: Mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: September 5, 2005 9:30 PM

Both are safe. DMPS is not FDA approved, but it is also not on their list of unsafe drugs. DMPS is used intravenously and DMSA orally. EDTA is also a chelator, but not as effective with mercury as the other two. If you have mercury in your actual tooth structure, that will come out very slowly if at all, but on the other hand it is not a great source of systemic mercury either. No I cannot approximate the number of IVs needed.

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