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yeast syndrome
Posted by: Joe
Date: April 27, 2005 3:03 PM

I have been studying your article on yeast syndrome. Here's the short version of my long journey to health. After many months, $ and doctors (one of which--a well-respected immunologist--suggested I had Lupus. Thankfully I just said no to his recommendation for Prednisone) I found a local MD with a holistic approach to medicine. (During this time, I also found a qualified DMD and had my amalgam fillings removed.) Dr. Nancy did stool/blood and urine tests, and last summer treated me for an intestinal bacterial infection -Pseudomonus aeruginosa, using one short round of antibiotics (combined, of course, with probiotics) as well as two longer rounds of herbal remedies. Many of my symptoms left during the treatment and I started to feel much better, although I did experience extreme discomfort with my gallbladder late last year and subsequently had it removed in January at Dr. Nancy's suggestion. I just recently had another "flare-up" of my old conditon--skin rash/sensitivity, joint pain, brain fog/anxiety, indigestion/gas/nausea and resporitory difficulties and allergy like symptoms. (Interstingly, these flare-ups almost always come on around 3:00 AM). Is it possible that the intestinal infection has returned? Do you have suggestions on how best to present this to my MD? Finances are getting to be a problem and most of the expense for office visits/lab tests is out of pocket. (We've spent many thousands already.) Where can I find more info on the yeast remedies you talk about in your article, and would you reccomend sharing this with my MD? Are there self-help procedures I can do in the meantime?

RE: yeast syndrome
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: April 27, 2005 4:02 PM

You did not write anything about completing the process of mercury removal. Once the amalgam is out of the teeth, it is not therefore out of the body. The real problem is the mercury which has migrated and is stored in the lipid storage areas of the body (especially the central nervous system). Testing and treatment must follow. As to digestive problems, they cannot be properly treated until the metal problem is fully handled and then, at least in my experience, only the isopathic remedies can handle a chronic gut wall infection. You can find a lot of information on the SanPharma remedies online, but when all is said and done you need a doc who is experienced at using them. It would be a rare doctor who could take a remedy he/she has never heard of, of a type for which he/she has no training and then make good use of it.

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