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hair loss and freezing with chills
Posted by: June
Date: January 28, 2005 8:43 PM

I am a 38 yr female, 95 lbs, VERY stressed, eat bad (take vitamins) and do NOT exercise much or drink enough water. Major symptoms are hair loss (bad) and freezing. No tolerance for cold. The house could be at 81and I have chills running up and down the body with very cold and sweaty feet and hands. I warm up with heater about 80-82 and immediately upon exercise. Once I cool down from exercise, cold again. Other symptoms: acne, chronic sinus, manic depression, OCD, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, headaches, poor memory and concentration, toenail fungus, PMS, shaky and irritable when hungry, allergies with post nasal drip and congestion, puffy eyelids every morning (started last July with an infection, 2 bouts of antibiotics did not cure), asthma upon laughing, some laryngitis, bad breath, trigger finger joint pain, drowsiness, air hunger, urinate frequently and urgency, some abdominal problems, eye twitch, eye problems and spots, dandruff. Two doctors diagnosed thyroid, one tried Tt3/T4 combo - no results. Next doctor tried T3 protocol, I'm on 37.5 now, so far no results, though hair clumps in shower seem less. Yesterday saw UCLA endocrinologist who said it's not thyroid, stop the T3 (stated may make hair worse) and see psychiatrist for mental conditions which are causing EVERYTHING. He thinks my anxiety is causing sweat, thus chills. I have too many symptoms of hypometabolism and candida. Throughout, my average daily temp is normal, however the most recent sinus bout won't clear up, which could be bringing my temp up to normal. today 98.2. So frustrated - stay on or stop T-3? Take anything else? Take antibiotics for sinus AGAIN, then take temp? Labs show all fairly normal.

RE: hair loss and freezing with chills
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: January 28, 2005 8:54 PM

You have described a classic case of extreme hypometabolism for which the dumb (excuse my French) doctors have not diagnosed a cause. I am going to guess that your digestion is shot and that you have one or more of the following things in your present of past medical history: (1) a load of dental fillings, (2) long term use of antibiotics, (3) chronic daily coffee intake, (4) chronic daily alcohol intake, (5) long term stress from which you have not been able to excape. Is part or all of that correct?

RE: hair loss and freezing with chills
Posted by: June
Date: January 28, 2005 10:49 PM

I do not drink alcohol (though I 'm tempted to start!) or coffee. I have some dental fillings from when I was a kid. I have always been given antibiotics over the years, so Iím not sure if that is what you mean by long term use. if you mean for a long time at once, no, just over the 38 years! Stress level has been high for a few years with no escape. I forgot to mention I am having some gum problems also (I need gum grafting) and that sometimes when I warm up then I start sweating easy. its like my body has a hard time being temperature comfortable and the feet are almost always very cold unless its summer. I do great in the summer, it gets 100 degrees in my city. As soon as it gets a little cold out , Iím freezing with chills. when I get nervous I sweat and get chills too. In summer, I sweat easily. I also forgot to mention I was on the birth control pill for many years, I went off it about 8 months ago so see if it would help anything. Female hormones came back normal, DHEA and testosterone were a little low, but the doctor didn't want to give me anything for it since my hair is so bad. Hair is worse since going off the birth control, but that could just be the course of time its getting worse. Digestion is weird; if during the day I eat anything greasy I get a stomach ache. But at night when there Is no more stress, I can eat whatever I want. Sometimes things are OK, sometimes constipation sometimes diarrhea. I usually over eat and then get a stomach ache. Sometimes I get a stomach ache without over eating! Over the years I have been given many antidepressants which have done nothing. At one point a doctor said I was on toxic levels of Zoloft with no results. The depression now is a constant deep ache of sadness inside as if something died. At the advise of the UCLA endocrinologist, I didn't take the T-3 last night and lowered it this morning, I don't know whether to keep taking it or not. He thinks its thyroid because of the chills and says it will take time for the T-3 to kick in for coldness and hair, but my friend who has thyroid said as soon as she took a synthetic thyroid, her hands and feet felt better.

RE: hair loss and freezing with chills
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: January 28, 2005 11:05 PM

Your friend is right, if thyroid hormone is going to work, it works right away (except for skin and hair which does take time). You are surely hypometabolic. I would bet your sublingual temperature is typically very low. At any rate, the cause of your hypometabolism must be sorted out and the cause identified and fixed. Otherwise you can look forward to this for the rest of your life - which will be probably shortened as hypometabolism predisposes to many other illnesses, such as vascular disease for example.

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