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fatigue and heavy metals (continued)
Posted by: John
Date: December 17, 2004 12:50 PM

Dr. Kennedy,

This is continued from: 3908 fatigue and heavy metals. Thanks heaps for your response to my questions, most informative & re-assuring, especially as a few medics here have tried to convince me that I have no metal toxicity. One of them ran a Copper vs. Zinc trace metal test leading to that conclusion, and another a 'Listen Device' on me, concluding that I had no metal toxicity of any sort, and even no ATP problems. Turn it up I said!!!! Yes, my fate was sealed, as you put it, with the Leaky-Gut, Candida, Mercury etc. a while back. I have just had a DMPS Challenge ( done 10 days after last amalgam was removed ), & the results were as follows;

Metal Range (nmol/nmol) Reading
MERCURY / Chromium RATIO, 0-10, 1
ARSENIC / Chromium RATIO, 0-90, 27

POST DMPS ( 1 hour after )
Metal Range (nmol/nmol) Reading
MERCURY / Chromium RATIO, 0-10, 27
ARSENIC / Chromium RATIO, 0-90, 74

The DMPS Challenge Test with 6 hour urine collection is something they no longer use, but only a 1 hour urine collection instead. What do you feel is the best pattern/dose in taking these pills (I assume I should use DMSA)? How long do you suspect it would take to expel the mercury? Thanks for the offer to come see you in the states. You, as far as I'm concerned, are the guru of this element of chronic illness, but I simply couldn't even afford the plane trip over for starters. If I could I'd be considering it very seriously. No one here uses the SanPharmas. Is it at all possible for me to get on-going directions from you over the net regarding these, whilst getting the last bits of oral chelation done here. I can't help but wonder if I'm beating a dead horse in following the anti-candida diet, making self exercise, taking a truckload of supplements etc., whilst I am constantly malaised, and still have metal toxicity. Do you feel I should persevere with this diet, and even start taking anti-fungals, whilst so much mercury is in me, or is it a futile exercise? Being the festive season, red wine is the thing that wets my lips (and yes, I know you are anti-alcohol)!

Lottsa LUV


RE: fatigue and heavy metals (continued)
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: December 17, 2004 4:37 PM

You are dealing with doctors who are tuned into a different channel. All I can tell you is how I do it and of course that was outlined in my response to your initial posting. I presume you have had the remaining two amalgam removed and if so, then you are ready for proper testing and may have already had it, but as I say, when I look at how it was reported, your docs are tuned to a different channel. If you are properly tested there is no doubt you will be shown to have elevated levels of mercury and possibly other metals. As to how to take DMSA and/or DMPS, docs have very different protocols for that and different rationales for how to do it. The important principles are that, first of all it actually get done, second that the dose not be too high lest it make you ill and finally that you be retested to be certain that the job was completed. After that, as to using the SanPharmas, it is an impossible medical/legal situation for me to advise a person specifically how to use them without seeing that person. Also, the expense is probably in excess of a plane trip from Sydney to Santa Rosa and back. I don't know how to solve this situation. Some few people recover after the metals are gone. Let's hope you are one of those. If not, and the GI symptoms persist, either you get yourself over here or to a good competent SanPharma (or Sanum - an equally good line of isopathics) therapist or you compensate with the usual enzyme/probiotics/strict diet/etc. routine indefinitely.

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