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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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IV specifics
Posted by: Mike
Date: October 26, 2004 5:34 PM

I think these are the correct steps for my wife's amalgam removal. First, IV 2 hours before or after each amalgam removal session, consisting of vitamin C and L-Glutathione. Next, remove amalgams using Huggins protocol. Then, replace with non-metal fillings or crowns. After final metal is removed from mouth, wait five days and conduct a DMPS test. Mercury removal therapy consists of oral DMSA for 6-12 months.

My questions:

How should the hospital set up the IV containing vitamin C / L-Glutathione? My wife is 53 y/o, is 5' 6", and weighs approx.150 lbs.

How much vitamin C and glutathione are placed into the IV? Is the IV a saline solution? Is the rate one drop per second? Any information will be helpful.

How much DMSA would typically be used for a woman of this size?

RE: IV specifics
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 26, 2004 9:42 PM

Telling you exactly how this is done and having you try to make your doctors do it that way is not going to work. Doctors are not cooperative people when it comes to medical procedures with which they are not familiar. What will work is to find a doctor who is already familiar with how all this works. Send your zip code to my email box ( and I will supply you with a list of docs close to you who can help. This can all be done on an outpatient basis unless there is some other reason your wife must stay in the hospital.

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