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fatigue and heavy metals
Posted by: John
Date: October 22, 2004 5:03 AM

I am a 31 y/o man that has suffered with CFS, inc. leaky gut, candida, and Adrenal Exhaustion for a long time. At the start of 2004 I embarked on a mission of removing 7 amalgam fillings, but only managed 5. I unfortunately did this without adhering to any protocols whilst removing them, as upon ringing the Australian Dental Association for tips and specialists, the person I spoke to, told me that any dentist could do the job and no special procedures were needed. Gullible me with debilitating brain fog and confusion listened to him and got my regular dentist to do it. I have gone through hell with my teeth (root canals, extracting root canals etc. ) He took out these 5, as well as doing other fillings, all within the space of a month. I know I swallowed chunks of amalgam while he did all this, I just grinned and suffered as usual. Hence I got too sick and psyched out to get the remaining two removed. Since then I have been on a lot of supplements, anti-candida diet and so on. Stopped smoking over a year ago. Doing everything right but no reward! A couple of weeks ago I had a Hair Analysis done. These are the results that may bare any significance whatsoever:

Reading Reference Range Comment
Aluminium 0.7 0-1.8 normal limits
Mercury 0.1 0-0.18 normal limits
Arsenic 0.026 0-0.020 HIGH

Much to my surprise, the mercury levels aren't high, but arsenic is a little elevated. Must I get a DMPS Challenge done to determine the dose of EDTA I need? With regards to mercury, should I bother removing the remaining 2 fillings?
Now that I have just discovered the literature on acidosis, between my candida diet and Alkalinizing diet, there's nothing left to eat at all. Could you point me to the gold standard of alkaline vs. acid food lists. Reason being that many foods that are labeled acidic in one list and labeled alkaline in another. Any practitioners in Sydney, Australia that use SanPharma?

RE: fatigue and heavy metals
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 22, 2004 6:26 AM

I have no idea who may be practicing in Sydney or what they may offer. If you want to be free of metals, naturally you have to remove all amalgams. As you have discovered you can't trust just any bozo dentist to do the job right. You need to find a biological dentist, one who would not use metal in the first place. You also need a doctor who can administer IV chelation immediately after each dental visit before the sublimated mercury you inhaled can be methylated and deposited in your cells. Hair analyses are next to worthless, so don't bother me with results from that. No test for metals is worth doing until all the amalgams is gone, then only a DMPS Challenge Test with 6 hour urine collection yields any useful information. I promise you your levels will be high, it is just a matter of how high and that information is used to design an oral chelation protocol for you. Being treated before the amalgam is gone is a waste of time and money. You might as well be riding a stationary bike as far as mercury levels are concerned. Your comments about "candida" and "acidosis" lead me to believe your digestive system must have been damaged by the mercury exposure. If you have bloating and gas consistently, that would seal that diagnosis, but also intermittent diarrhea and/or constipation would also point in that direction. If that is the case, it will not heal until the amalgam is gone and you have been treated for the "residual metal burden" and then been treated with the SanPhamas. I wish I knew who to send you to in Sydney or even Australia, but really I have no idea. After the amalgam is out you can come to see me in the U.S. if you want to. As to acid/alkaline, it is rather simple. Animal derived foods are acidifying as are simple refined carbohydrates. Everything else is alkalinizing.

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