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CNS disorder
Posted by: Mike
Date: October 19, 2004 1:46 PM

Since December, 2003 my wife has exhibited some signs of schizophrenia, combined with burning sensations on different parts of her body. Working with her primary care physician, nine series of blood tests were conducted, including heavy metals and thyroid, but these were negative. In the initial stages, Dec-Jan, she experienced some hallucinations such as feeling heat through the windows. I was distressed about this, and started looking into her symptoms, schiz + burning, and many search returns pointed to a severe B-12 deficiency. She has been taking Prevacid for an ulcer since 1998, which can cause a reduction of the intrinsic factor, interfering with B-12 absorption from food. We did not have time to do another blood test for B-12 levels as I had to go to Arizona for 2 weeks, and I took her with me as a precaution. I got her to start taking B-12, specifically methylcobalamin, on Feb.12, along with vitamins E, C, and CoQ-10. Since then, her symptoms have slowly dissipated and she is working and driving again. But she has a few lingering problems: occasional burning and some lingering suspicion of me. When I researched these symptoms again, mercury amalgam kept popping up. Her dental x-rays show 9 or 10 amalgam fillings, six on the upper teeth. Most are root canals. I want to have these fillings removed and replaced with non-metallic fillings or crowns. We have tried two neurologists. The NCS was negative. Do you see a connection between her amalgam fillings and her symptons? What do you think is an appropriate course of action?

RE: CNS disorder
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 19, 2004 3:40 PM

In my practice, when I see symptoms which I cannot explain in other ways, mercury, lead and other metal toxicity is one of the things I think of. There are others. Syphilis is one, Lyme disease is another. Vascular disease is another. Each of these are famous for masquerading in a medical sense with many bizarre symptoms. Many things can be ruled out by proper testing. Mercury is not one of them in the case of a person with a lot of dental amalgam. It can't even be properly tested for until the dental fillings are removed. Then the mercury levels will always be high on DMPS Challenge Test, but even then the final test is also the treatment: chelate out the remaining "body burden" of mercury and see if there is clinical improvement. I am sure you understand that I am not recommending any of this for a person I have never seen, but reflecting my onw course of action in many cases I have seen. Very often the results are gratifying and sometimes not. One more thing - with root canals and extractions one must always think of the problem of cavitations. I have an article on this subject. Click on Library Articles to the left and scroll down to Cavitations.

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