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swelling of legs and ankles
Posted by: Evelyn Vadnais
Date: January 11, 2000 1:38 PM

After taking 60 mg. per day of Prednisone for four weeks and then tapering dow to 10 mg. per day, I still have excessive swelling in legs and ankles. Is this due to Prednisone or a heart condition? No answers from my doctor.

swelling of legs and ankles
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: January 14, 2000 5:58 PM

Could be either one or both. It is best to avoid Prednisone when possible. There are many potential side-effects. I suggest you find a doctor who can treat you by natural means. Us the yellow button in the upper left. You may wish to review these articles:


There are others, but these will get you started. Use Search This Site in the upper left to find what you want.

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