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Intracellular Glutathione enhancement
Posted by: George
Date: August 31, 2004 2:51 AM

My wife and I, 74 and 77 respectively, recently tested at 128 and 156 (Amscot Lab). We are now taking, each, 650 mg N-acetyl-cysteine with a scoop of Vit. C, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. What if anything else should we do to elevate our GSH values to, say, 350? We eat, exercise, and live healthfully, and we think that we should strive for RBC GSH counts that healthy, younger people attain. Is non-denatured whey, in packets (non-oxygenated) a better way to go - we hope not in light of the $700/yr cost for each 20 gm. packet. What interval should we wait before being retested to ascertain if our regimen has appreciably elevated our RBC GSH?

RE: Intracellular Glutathione enhancement
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: August 31, 2004 4:59 AM

One of the major benefits of mega-dose vitamin C therapy is elevation of L-glutathione. Whey protein is also a good way to go. The best preparation I know of is called Paleomeal. It is well formulated with non-denatured whey and other supplements which favor the production of L-glut. It is sold by Designs for Health at 800-847-8302.

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