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Chronic Gut Problems
Posted by: Jordan
Date: July 14, 2004 11:06 PM

I wrote to you a little while back regarding mercury toxicity/chronic gut wall infection. Since then there have been several new developments and I wanted your advice/opinion on them. I have finished chelating the mercury out of my body and it is now within reference range so that is no longer an issue. In regards to treating my gut wall infection at this point, I recently did a stool test about 2 months ago through Doctor’s Data which revealed that I had proteus mirabilis at a level of 3+. In addition, under the heading of inflammation, my lysozyme was at 2689 in a range of 0-600 ng/ml. My yeast was listed as ‘many’ in a range of none-rare, and my occult blood was positive. At this point, I began a month’s worth of treatment for candida with caprylic acid. I completed this, and felt at that point (and it was recommended to me also) that I should do a colonoscopy to reveal the source of the blood in my stool (and I also thought this was a good idea as it might prove to my GI that there was indeed a dysbiosis occurring in that gut of mine and I was not nuts). So I did the colonoscopy and saw with my very own two eyes plenty of inflammation and irritation. My GI took samples of this and after meeting with him this morning, he feels as though he should have specific results for me within a few days from now when he receives the pathology. He seemed fairly certain that it was not Crohn’s or something of that magnitude. I was also happy that I had no hemorrhoids or tumors, which was obviously great news. Now, in regards to the treatment of my gut problem, I cannot be certain exactly what the problem is, whether it is leaky gut or what else, but I do know that the treatment that I have been using for a little over a week now is doing absolutely nothing to make me feel better. The treatment I have been on is taking 2 scoops (and now 4 scoops) per day of a product called Bio-Inflammatory Plus along with 1 capsule last week of Pleo-Reb, 2 this week and 3 the next and so on as recommended by my doc. My symptoms of hives, low sex drive, cold extremities, congestion, overall fatigue and consistently low body temperatures have not been corrected in the least. You speak so highly of these SanPharma and Pekana remedies in regards to the treatment of chronic gut wall infection/leaky gut. I’m not asking for a medical diagnosis here of what exactly is wrong with my gut, but based on your general idea of my story, can you offer me a suggestion of how one would go about treating a case such as mine with these German remedies (or anything else for that matter), because I cannot go on living feeling ill like this. I eat extremely well, do not consume alcohol or smoke. I eat plenty of vegetables, I get my fruits, chicken and turkey. I avoid all wheat products for now, as well as all fish products just to be safe in regards to the mercury. I am like a well-oiled machine as it pertains to my diet and exercise regime. Even with my lack of energy, I find the motivation to work out and play organized team sports. Keep in mind, I am only 23 (my birthday is today). Please offer me some sort of guidance on where to proceed from here in regards to treating this gut problem and my hypometabolism.

RE: Chronic Gut Problems
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: July 15, 2004 4:22 AM

It would not be useful for me to go into how I use the SanPharma and Pekana remedies since you cannot use that information to treat yourself. I can tell you it is an 11 week program, very intense and gets the job done. Your challenge is to find someone who is skilled in using such remedies, hopefully without having to go to Germany. If you are unable to locate such a person in your part of the country, you are welcome to come visit me. One visit should do it and we could probably handle everything by email and phone after that. Treating the gut is the last step in the road to health, so don't stop now.

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